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About Freemasonry

Freemasonry is one of the world's oldest and largest fraternal societies.

It provides a code of living in today's society based on moral and ethical standards.

It is a not for profit organisation that is heavily envolved in supporting charity ans community service.

The core values of Freemasonry include:

• Brotherly love: caring for others
• Relief: helping those in need
• Truth: acting with honesty and integrity

Freemasonry offers a unique and rewarding experience to men from all walks of life, regardless of race, religion or social status. Membership is open to all men of good character who are over the age of 18. To find out more about Freemasonry, visit the official website of the United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT.

About Us

Masonicare is the official charity of NSW and ACT Freemasons. 


Masonicare has been improving the lives and wellbeing of people in our community for over ten years. Proudly supporting causes at a grass roots level, Masonicare tackles critical issues to make a tangible and lasting difference in society.

Masonicare is the official charity of NSW and ACT Freemasons. It successfully harnesses the combined efforts, and innate charitable characteristics of our fraternity, to reach out across the jurisdiction and help those in need.

Millions of dollars have been donated to hundreds of worthwhile causes, including youth and familywelfare, medical research, education, aged care, health and emergency services to name a few.

In summary, Masonicare’s mission is to:

1. Develop and deliver a range of charitable activities designed to improve the lives of those in the community
2. Enrich an individual’s experience in Freemasonry
3. Publicly demonstrate Freemasons in Action

We invite you to browse our programs and see how you can make a difference by proudly supporting our local community.