Masonicare February 2014 InTouch
  Masonicare   February 2014
  Chairman's Message  

Sincere thanks to all those who contributed to the ongoing Bushfire Appeal launched as a result of the devastating fires in the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Southern Highlands, Central Coast and Port Stephens areas.

There has been an overwhelming response to this appeal which demonstrates the positive and significant impact the Freemasons can have in times of need.

It has been suggestion that individual Lodges could assist their local Rural Fire Services by running fundraisers to purchase equipment such as thermal imaging cameras for their local brigades as these are not standard issue equipment.

As the Rural Fire Service is a designate gift recipient it is possible for the Lodges then to approach Masonicare for dollar for dollar funding for these purchases.

I would encourage all Lodges to develop a relationship with their local Rural Fire Service as these volunteers are the ones who protect your lives and property during times of bushfire.


  Masonicare Bushfire Appeal  

With thanks and appreciation to the many Masons who recently donated to the Grand Master’s Bushfire Appeal, we are now in the position to purchase a quantity of specialist Thermal Imaging Cameras (TIC) for 5 areas identified by the NSW Rural Fire Services (RFS).The target areas for delivery are those districts affected by the October bushfires being Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Southern Highlands (Wingecarribee and Wollondilly), Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens.

The supplier has worked closely with the RFS to create a 'kit' to meet their operational requirements, the RFS fire fighting teams will receive full training on how to use this equipment, benefits of which include up to 4 hours of recording function, a laser pointer to assist in targeting and 3 modes of search, Fire (fire fighting), Persons (search and rescue) and ThermalScan (searching for hotspots in both structures and in the bush during mop up.)

The Masonicare logo will be proudly displayed on each of the TIC’s as a constant reminder of the most important assistance that your Grand Charity has been able to provide to local communities in their fight against the effects of natural disasters.

Many thanks Masonicare Board.

  Masonicare Caring Officers MCO  

MCO Seminars

Masonicare has assembled a one hour presentation which provides essential guidance for Masonicare Caring Officers. The course material is available from the Masonicare office and can be used by any experienced trainer.  Although some presentations have been held to test and refine the contents, it is now time for the seminars to be rolled out across every District in the jurisdiction.

The aim is to ensure that all MCOs have an opportunity to meet at a District level once or twice a year and receive training which supports them in their valuable work within their communities and lodges.

The Next MCO Seminar will be held at Wollongong Masonic Centre (Gwynneville) on 8th March, Gwyennville is a reasonably central location, easily accessible to Lodges in adjoining Districts and Regions.

You can obtain more information regarding the programme or venue from MRM Region 3 VW Bro Brian Willis ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

Has your District organised a seminar yet?  Ask your MRM or MDR about providing the training – it only takes a couple of hours and will provide useful advice and an opportunity to network and share experiences.


New MCO Leaflet

The yellow MCO booklet which has been in use for some years has been redesigned as a leaflet and printed copies are now available.  The new leaflet will be presented by each WM when he invests his MCOs.  The leaflet will also be available from RGCs, DGIWs and MRMs as initial advice for any Brother thinking about becoming an MCO.  More details can be obtained from attending the MCO Seminars, or contacting your MRM or DGIW.

In the future, Masonicare will provide more ongoing support for MCOs and Lodges by making the updated Grand Charity Procedures Manual available through the Members’ Area of the Grand Lodge website as reference material.

  Masonicare Benevolence, Scott Young Trust  

The Scott Young Trust was specifically designed to assist families of deceased masons, who for one reason or another find themselves in financial difficulties and requiring assistance from Masonicare.

Lodge Secretaries are encouraged, when becoming aware of these situations and persons that may qualify for assistance from the Scott Young Trust to avail themselves of the forms for Benevolence from the Masonicare website

These applicants will be treated in strict confidence and given absolute consideration for grant approval.

  February Interaction Grants  

During January/February, the following Grants were dispensed:

Most Grant amounts match the Lodge/Association's fundraising dollar for dollar.

Key Activity Cause supported Who was involved Grant amount
Provide support and accommodation for country families who have ill children attending to Westmead Hospital Parramatta Mission  Holroyd Chapter nº 30  $2,000
Individual rescue and relief specifically to increase flight reserve of the service to cope with all regional emergencies Snowy Hydro SouthCare Rescue Helicopter  Lodge Commonwealth of Australia nº 6 $5,000
To Purchase a Automatic External Defibrillator for the public use and to hold training sessions with the public Coffs Harbour Freemasons Association        Coffs Harbour Freemasons Association  $1,200
Assisting cancer patients attending Coffs Harbour cancer Institute who are having difficulty meeting their financial requirements CanDo Cancer Trust (music in the park) Coffs Harbour Freemasons Association $5,000
Assisting cancer patients attending Coffs Harbour cancer Institute who are having difficulty meeting their financial requirements

CanDo Cancer Trust

(music in the park)

Coffs Harbour Freemasons Association $5,000
Assisting cancer patients attending Coffs Harbour cancer Institute who are having difficulty meeting their financial requirements CanDo Cancer Trust (annual Rottnest Channel Swim)  Coffs Harbour Freemasons Association $5,000
Assist Down Syndrome NSW in giving support to people with down syndrome, their parents and carers Down Syndrome NSW  Lodge Woronora nº414 $5,000
New dental clinic purchase an oxygen mixer unit Assist Young District Hospital Lodge Young Burrangong nº20


The rescue helicopter service provides emergency rescue coverage for 40.000 square kilometers, providing the only means of accessing patients to higher levels of medical care Westpac Rescue Helicopter Northern District  Tweed Valley Masonic Welfare Associatio


Enhance the training needs of crews and new volunteers enabling improved response times and effecting outcomes when responding to emergency callouts from the community Rural Fire Service North Rocks (Hills Shire)  Lodge Resurgo nº 223


  Interaction Grants  

On November 10th Masonicare and Twin Towns Masonic Welfare association – Tweed Head donated $2,222 to Tweed Heads Hospital.

Presentation photo sent 020214L. to R. are Rob Davies, Dir of Emergency Tweed Byron Health Service Group, Tony Lochead, Nurse Unit Manager, Bruce Arnol from Tweed Valley Masonic Welfare Assoc, Alasdair Arthur, Dir of Emergency, Graham Barrett Masonicare District Representative, Bernadette Loughnane, Executive Director Tweed Byron Health Service Group and Bruce Smith Engineering Manager Tweed Hospital


A simillar event  happened on January 31st when members of Tamworth Combined Lodges and Masonicare  presented a cheque to Tamworth Base Hospital
Presentation Tamworth Hospital 310114L. to R. sited:Maureen Sampson, President, Fiona Ellicott, Nurse Educator, Dr Matt Shepherd, Emergency Specialist, David Robertson MRM L.To R. Standing: Jan Robertson, Les Taylor MDR, Marie White, Annette Lowe, Beth Larkham
  Masonicare Charity Jewels  


If you would like to recognise someone in your Lodge for their contribution to the charitable aspects of Freemasonry, then one of these high quality jewels would provide the ideal way in which to show how the Lodge values their constant dedication.

Jewels can only be purchased by the Lodge and are not tax deductible in compliance with ATO ‘charity’ regulations. Funds raised from the sale of jewels will go to The Benevolence Fund.

Life Merit Award $500.00
Gold Appreciation Award $375.00
Silver Appreciation Award $250.00
Bronze Appreciation Award $125.00
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